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In recent times there has been an increase in the number of bed bug infestations. Bed bugs are common all around the world and also have been found in Australia in tiny numbers. Recently they've become widespread with infestations increasing substantially in Victoria, and parts of the Earth, over the previous ten decades. .

The main reason behind the increase is supposed to be caused by insecticide resistance; modern bed bugs are resilient to many of those commonly used insecticides. Other contributing factors include the increase in world travel with bed bugs being spread in bags, shoes and clothing. Once obtained at large turnover accommodation, the hitchhiking bed bugs could then be transported and introduced back to the homes of guests in their luggage.

Many hostels have now banned the usage of travelers own sleeping linen in common accommodation as a safety precaution against this pest.

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In early infestations, bed bugs are often found around the seams, beading and folds of mattresses, sleeping bags and sheets. Since the infestation spreads, the bugs proceed to any tiny crevices, which may be in bed heads, skirting boards, cracks in plaster and bedroom furniture. Because of their color, mature bed bugs can easily be seen with the naked eye on sheets and bedding, but very difficult to view on brown wooden floors and other black surfaces.

Heavily used hiding places are evident from black or brown spots of dried blood excrement or spotting. There may be an offensive sweet odour when bed bugs are numerous. This odour sometimes called buggy is like the odour when a stink bug is squashed. White eggs, the egg cases and moulted skin shells may be found near such areas, as well as living bed bugs. .

Bed bugs use pheromones to communicate. This method of communication and the release of alarm pheromones can make them very hard to deal with as bed bugs become alert and fast vacate the region being treated if not previously properly quarantined.

Bed bugs can spread into a new address residence by traveling between multi-unit housing such as dormitories and apartment buildings. Once they find a suitable host, bed bugs will nourish and therefore are very likely to harbor in near proximity to the sufferer. In cases like this, new locations can quickly become infested with bed bugs in a short amount of time. .

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Different individuals have varying reactions to the bites of bed bugs, depending on a number of factors. Some people published here have little or no reaction to the sting. In others the bite site can get red and intensely itchy. This can occur during the course of the night or might take up to grow.

The wheals may range from 2 cm to 5 cm in diameter with inflammation common. Anaphylactic shock could possibly happen in individuals that are highly allergic, but this is very rare. .

Discomfort and loss of sleep is common from the emotional ramifications of bed bugs. Bites may be found on a variety of places on the body. Another feature is the bites are in orderly rows, unlike the random pattern of mosquitoes. The bed insect causes these rows being disturbed during feeding and having to pierce the skin to nourish again.

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Bed bugs mainly feed on humans but may feed on mammals and poultry if necessary. Although they can carry diseases such as hepatitis they are not known to transfer such ailments to other individuals.

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Bed bugs are problematic to treat, together with eradication unlikely to be achieved with a single treatment. Sprays may kill the bed bugs but they're mostly ineffective on the eggs. Follow up inspections are required and further treatments are often necessary.

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Mattress bug eggs' survival is also an issue. It's not uncommon for the reside bed bugs amongst an infestation to be completely eradicated during an effective treatment cycle, only to have the remaining or surviving eggs hatch and populate the exact location once again. The eggs can also have an incubation period of up to two weeks and may be deposited in hidden areas that are difficult to treat. .

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This stubborn tendency of bed bug infestations are made more problematic due to the now smaller dimensions of the newly re-emerged mattress bug nymph. Once an infestation is detected, all adjoining chambers need to be inspected and treated if also affected.

This can be completed by using adhesive tape (if insect numbers are very little ) to trap the insect. Vacuuming is also recommended before substance treatment because it eliminates all dust and debris from the website of the infestation making it simpler for following chemical control to penetrate and in turn be effective.

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